August 29, 2018

In A Restaurant, You Don’t Cook Your Own Food

Recruitment agents. Just look at the words. For years they’ve been lumped in with estate agents and second-hand car dealers as professions that elicit about as much trust as a bankrupt reality TV star who somehow found his way to the Oval Office…

Why Don’t You Just Do It Yourself?

Well, that’s a good question. Hiring staff can’t be that hard, can it? You advertise for a job, get a bunch of CVs in, pick half a dozen, interview them and then pick one. Simple, right?

Actually no. No it isn’t. Think about darts, golf or snooker. You only realise how good the professionals are when you try and do it.

The problem with trying to do it yourself is that it’s rarely at the top of your priorities list. The process you have to go through to hire someone isn’t going to make you any more productive so you procrastinate, threatening to get round to it when everything calms down. But it doesn’t calm down and you spend the next six months doing the work of two people until you remember you really need to hire someone and you kid yourself with the same empty gestures again….

So Why Use Liquid?

We could give you the same old tired website rubbish that we’re great at what we do, we listen to your needs and requirements and we’re on every job board in the universe and while those things are true you don’t want or need to hear that guff. There’s a little more to it than that…

There’s also another thing to bear in mind. It’s 2018 and the likelihood is that the job you want to fill will be filled by someone who knows how to play the game. Today’s candidates – graduates, second jobbers, middle management and directors – are savvy and the market moves at a lightning-quick pace. They think nothing of skilfully playing one interested party off against another until they get precisely what they want. You up for that or would you like someone else – someone who also knows how the game is played – to take care of business?

If you can answer each of the following questions with a resounding ‘yes’, stop reading and go and do something else but if you can’t, THAT’S why you need to use us…


  • At the press of a button, can you contact 12 million active candidates?
  • Can you have suitable and fully referenced candidates ready to start work within hours?
  • Can you write a proper job description that will engage and enthuse a tough crowd?
  • Do you have the latest suite of recruitment-specific IT technology to hand by any chance?
  • Is your network of thousands of industry-specific professionals as strong as ours?
  • Can you sell your own business without wearing rose-tinted specs?
  • If your new hire leaves or needs to be replaced, do you have a plan B?
  • Have you got the time and inclination to proactively search the market for the very best?
  • Do you go miles out of your comfort zone just to source the most special talent?
  • Have you had over thirty years’ experience in the recruitment game?


If you can’t answer every question in the affirmative it’s time to pick up the phone, because we can.

Still Not Convinced?

Nothing wrong with being cautious. Of course you need to evaluate your options but you also need to get people in chairs and you need them to start making money for your business.

Have you any idea how demoralising it is getting 99% of the way to a hire and then the smart candidate drops you in it for an extra three grand a year and a day a week working from home elsewhere?

You’ve wasted thousands on trying to find the best person for the job. How many times you going to do that until you jack it all in?

With Liquid, the answer is once. If the hire isn’t right, if they leave or you need to get rid if they’re swiping Post-It Notes, we offer a guarantee that we will either replace them for free or we’ll refund you on a time-based sliding scale.

Take another look at the questions we asked you a few minutes ago. Still not convinced? Still think you can go it alone?

We know what we’re doing because it’s all we do. We know the process because we invented it. We know how to identify the best talent because we were that guy once upon a time.

You wouldn’t do your own MOT. You wouldn’t perform your own root canal. When you go into a restaurant you don’t cook your own food….

Same goes. That’s why you need to use us.

Catch you soon.

The Liquid Team