June 06, 2019

Never Before Has A Boy Wanted (It) More

You’ll no doubt recognise the title line from Oliver!, the classic 1968 film, and while that was over 50 years ago, the words ring true today in the form of our newest recruit.

Allow us to introduce Oliver Price who has joined us to focus his attention on commercial property recruitment. To be honest, we’re lucky to have him on board. He’s hungry, he’s got a packed contacts book and he knows the market inside out.


Yeah Yeah, They All Say That Don’t They…


That’s true but he actually does know the market. Not only has he worked in commercial property recruitment for one of the City’s big boys, he has also worked in the commercial property industry and while it’s fair to say that we’re no Miss Marple, the evidence leads us to draw the following conclusions:

  1. Oliver knows the roles he’s recruiting for
  2. Oliver knows the type of people required to fill those roles


I enjoy helping people to make what can often be the hardest decision of their lives and there’s no better feeling than seeing my candidates make the move to the job of their dreams.’


Check out Oliver’s LinkedIn profile here.


What The Guvnors Say


We managed to track down Paul and Danny and we asked them what they saw in Oliver when he came for interview. ‘He’s got a good eye for what makes an excellent candidate and he’s got this uncanny ability to match candidate with company as accurately as we’ve ever seen. If he wasn’t doing this he’d make a bloody good sommelier.’


Commercial Property Roles You Say?


Yes, correct. It covers a broad spectrum but Oliver is currently focused on surveyors, from graduates through to senior C-Suite and board level chartered surveyors. His contacts book is full with the right names, from the biggest central London property firms to smaller local agents, developers and building firms.


All Work & No Play?


Impossible. No-one can survive. To relax, Oliver is a Watford fan and he spends an inordinate amount of time with his 8-month old cavapoo* called Lola.

*We looked it up so you don’t have to – a cavapoo is the offspring of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. Obvs.

Anyway, Oliver is here and he’s ready. If you’re looking for surveyor roles in London and Hertfordshire or you’re a progressive, forward-thinking business looking to grow, get in touch with him right now.

You can email him here or call the office on 01923 819819 and do the old fashioned thing and have an actual conversation.

Catch you soon.


The Liquid Team