March 08, 2019

The Rich Golfer
(Or, How Do You Get To The Top)

Whoever you look at as the model of who you want to be, how do you actually do it? How do you get promoted? How do you get to the very top?

There’s one thing looking at Lionel Messi or Jeff Bezos or Sheryl Sandberg and saying ‘I want to be like him or her’, but what were their journeys like and how can you do what they did to get there?


It’s A Tough Ask, But…


…there’s a formula you can use.

Here’s the story of one kid who did it properly.

Now the thing is about this story is that no-one knows if it’s true or not. The original authors have suggested it was told to them by the young lad in the story you’re about to read who grew up to be incredibly successful but it may just be a story constructed from someone’s imagination.

It’s largely irrelevant though. The theory is sound. Here goes the story of…


…The Rich Golfer


To pay his way though university, a lad got a job in a high-end sports shop. One day, a man walks in and at once, the lad knew he was loaded. He was tall, smart and confident. He spent thousands of pounds on the best golf clubs, the most expensive clothes and shoes and all the gubbins that golfers use and when he was all paid up, the lad offered to help him out to his car.

Arms laden, the man led him into the car park to a brand-new Bentley and knowing he’d never get another opportunity, the lad said ‘do you mind if I ask you a question?’

‘Not at all, go ahead’, said the rich golfer.

‘How do I get to be where you are financially one day?’

Slightly taken aback, he considered his answer.

‘First, define what you really want in life. Second, find someone who has accomplished that exact lifestyle and learn from that person how he or she did it. Third, go do exactly what he or she did.’

Then, he hopped into his £230,000 motor, whipped the roof down and drove off.


Is That The Right Way Round?


Traditionally, no. The formula we’ve all used up until now is this:

  1. Figure out what you’d like to do.
  2. Learn how to do it.
  3. Allow those results to define your life.

In other words – Do, Learn, Define.

But, the rich golfer taught the shop assistant precisely the opposite.

  1. Define the life you ultimately want.
  2. Find someone who has that life and learn all you can from them about how they did it.
  3. Do it.

In other words – Define, Learn, Do.


What Does That Even Mean?


It’s pretty simple actually and this is the formula the most successful people use.

Begin with the end goal in mind. What’s yours? Eye-watering wealth? A balanced life-work set-up? Even how you’d like to be remembered. Everyone’s end goal is different but the journey is the same. Have you even stopped to think what yours is?

Define how you’d like to live, down to the smallest detail. Pay attention to the talents you have and work with them and if you feel a calling towards one thing or another, be in tune with it. If you can pack these elements up into a neat little parcel, you can move on to step two.

Easier said than done but now you need to find someone who has already carved out the life you’re looking to emulate. Generally speaking, successful people understand the journey and the desire to get there and are happy to offer the benefits of their wisdom.

LinkedIn is the obvious starting point but be aware that those at the top think and act on a different plane to most other people and it’s those lessons you need to pay attention to because they are the lessons that have set them apart. It’s a bit of a tired cliché but we tend to think and act like the people we surround ourselves with and it’s your job to discover how they have achieved their results.

Now it’s time to pull your finger out and get on with it. No-one likes or wants to be the person that does half a thing so you should attack your targets with full-throated passion and commitment.

Mistakes will be made – they always are – but approvals will come from the very people you’re trying to copy, not from those who don’t get what you’re trying to do in the first place and remember this – they are the people who will assume you’ve got it the wrong way round.

Define the life you want, learn from the best and then get on with it.

One day a kid will be helping you out to your Lambo with arms full of stuff. He’ll ask you how you could afford such a sweet ride and you’ll be able to tell him.

Catch you soon.


The Liquid Team