March 10, 2023

Will the rise of AI see the end of human interaction within Social Housing?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly transforming the way we interact with technology and is becoming increasingly prominent in the social housing sector.

As it becomes more popular, AI’s use and capability to automate tasks, manage data and provide personalised support to people living in social housing seems like something out of a sci-fi movie, but not too far away from potentially becoming the new normal.

Within the social housing sector to help streamline processes and provide more efficient services, such as automating the rent payment process, providing 24/7 customer service to tenants and identifying areas of risk that need to be addressed. AI has also been used to help social housing providers to better understand their tenants’ needs and tailor services accordingly.

However, it should be worth noting that there needs to be a human element to deadline with, well, humans.

AI should be used to supplement, rather than replace, human interaction and support.

Real people are still essential in providing a personalised and compassionate approach to social housing and whilst AI can help to identify needs and provide assistance, it is people who will be able to truly understand and respond to the complex needs of tenants.

Although it may be able to provide more efficient services and automate many of the mundane tasks, but it cannot replace the human interaction and support that are essential for people living in social housing. (lucky for us, for now)

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