The Why

Our 'why' sets us apart. It helps us to stay committed. It drives us forward. The motive behind an action is the most compelling part of the story...

We're not Apple. We're not Airbnb, but we think in the same way as the world's most innovative businesses, always trying to push the envelope marked 'disruptive' a little bit farther than anyone else.

Why Do We Do What We Do?

Recruitment is what it is. Plenty do it and most are decent at it but to get our voices heard above the noise, to make you emotionally buy in to what we're doing, we want you to understand why we do what we do (and it's not for the money, otherwise we'd have become footballers.)

Our business is fundamentally about challenging the accepted convention of what you think a client-facing business should be like; act like; work like. It's about being creative, left-field thinkers in a world of 'that'll do'. It's about that inexplicable feeling of joy when we make the 'congrats, the job's yours' call. You can't fake that.

That's the 'why'.

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