Vacancy Description

£35,000.00 Per Annum Permanent

Residential Social Worker – Permanent – NW London – upto 35K

Our Client is a modern independent Fostering Agency whose philosophy is centred on meeting the needs of children and young people needing substitute parenting.

We have a wonderful opportunity to join Our Client’s team as a Social Worker.

Job Purpose

* To recruit, assess, train and support foster carers in accordance with the relevant legal framework.
* To promote the welfare of children placed with our client’s foster carers.
* To contribute to the promotion, development and providing of fostering service.

Key responsibilities

* To assist in the recruitment of New Foster Carers by:
* Promoting our client by both formal and informal methods such as word of mouth and networking.
* Assisting in pre-selection training/information days.
* Undertaking assessments of prospective Foster Carers for recommendation for approval by the Fostering Panel.
* To support the continued development of Foster Carers by:
* Facilitating and supporting post-approval training as required – formal and informal including the CWDC standards.
* Ensuring that training is appropriate to the fostering task.
* Promoting their attendance at post-approval training and other events to help Foster Carers meet their contractual obligations.
* Obtaining feedback on training and development to ensure training is beneficially applied to the performance of Foster Carers.

* Contributing to the development of personal development plans for Foster Carers.

* To develop and implement effective supervision plans for Foster Carers, ensuring these are implemented consistently by:
* Providing monthly supervisory visits to Foster Carers with children in placement in accordance with policies and procedures.
* Ensuring Foster Carers respond to the supervision process and benefit from the supervision provided.
* Undertaking additional support visits as necessary.
* Providing support and a link to Foster Carers awaiting placements.
* Support Foster Carers at all professionals meetings.

* To participate in Out of Hours rota.
* To support Foster Carers in maintaining records as required.
* To contribute to the review, development and performance of Foster Carers.
* To ensure that placements are made and sustained in accordance with a child’s Care Plan and their views are heard effectively, by such means as:
* Professionally befriending them.
* Ensuring they are aware of the contents and intent of the Children’s or Young Person’s Guide.
* Supporting them as necessary in relation to their care needs.
* Providing them with a copy of our current Children’s or Young Person’s Guide and reading it through with them if appropriate.

* To bring to the attention of the Fostering Services Manager any Foster Carer who does not meet the performance criteria required and to work to develop and implement an action plan to improve the Carer’s performance.
* To promote the reputation and services of our client by:
* Representing our client in all direct contacts with Local Authority Social Services and any other relevant intermediaries to help ‘sell’ our client’s proposition.
* To obtain placements by:
* Developing and maintaining our client reputation in all dealing with third parties.
* Developing and maintaining contacts with placing Local Authorities.

* Before and when a placement is made:
* To participate in the process of ‘matching’ children with Foster Carers in accordance with the terms of the Foster Carer’s approval and with reference to any recommendations of the Fostering Panel.
* To obtain contractual paperwork and LAC documentation from placing Local Authorities in good time for necessary administration, Foster Carer preparation, support and supervision.
* To work with Local Authority representatives to ensure they meet their obligations in regard to children in placement by promoting effective working relationships.
* To ensure effective and proper Apple Fostering representation at LAC Reviews and whenever a presence is needed.
* To provide a service which enables children and young people in placement to reach their full potential.
* To assist young people leaving care to be successful in their adult lives by developing support plans and links with local organisations as well as ensuring Local Authorities undertake their responsibilities where appropriate

* To assist in the provision of timely and complete Form F assessments, Reviews and other documentation required by the Panel.
* To support prospective and approved Foster Carers attending Panel.
* To support the work of Apple Fostering by contributing as required to strategic and operational plans by :

* Working pro-actively and positively with all employees and retained third-parties.
* Feeding back competitive information such as placement activity and fees.
* Working to establish our client as a preferred and approved supplier of fostering services with Local Authorities.
* Pro-actively contributing solutions and innovations to resolve operational and strategic issues.
* Co-operating with all other parties to enable them to progress their own responsibilities and the work of our client.

* Participating in professional supervision and development as and when required by the Fostering Services Manager in line with our Supervision Contract.
* To work within the overall Policies and Procedures of our client and its administrative and management processes, and to contribute towards the development of these with the objective of constantly improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our client’s work.
* Maintain and develop current personal knowledge regarding the regulatory and good practice environment.
* To ensure continued professional development by attending training courses as identified and in agreement with the Fostering Services Manager.
* To participate and contribute to any regulatory inspections carried out

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